Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The challenge begins and so does spring (maybe?)

So we are off and running with the challenge.

Day one was the funky colored floral skirt. I knew this one was going to be tricky. And sure enough it was. But, I gave it a good go with my one purple pullover sweater. I truly love the sleeves on this sweater but I absolutely HATE the tight turtle neck and by 16:30 I couldn't take it any more. It is now in the wash and after that it will be headed for the charity shop. So...where does that leave the skirt? Well, I don't know. Guess we will see if I can make it
work with any of the next three choices.

Day two was the striped skirt. And again it brought into play purple. Seems that I have a tendency to purchase a lot of purple things. Unfortunately, I have a hard time making them work together. But, this time I did it. And I really liked how this one came together. And the best part was that it was warm and comfortable. Two ideal things for a cold, wet, rainy day spent running around trying to accomplish lots of little things all over town.

The other good news in our part of the world is that it looks like a change of weather is heading our way. Snow has already given way to rain today. And this morning there was no delay of anything because of poor road conditions! The children all left at the proper time!!! Oh happy mommy! And if the weather man is to be believed it could be reaching as high as 15c on Friday when I head to Munich for my lovely day out. And that would truly make for a LOVELY day out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Outfit Challenge

And so it has begun. An effort has started to clear out the wardrobe cupboard before we move. This is not an easy task. In fact, it is probably the single most daunting task I face. I have a ton of clothes. And frankly, I am pretty attached to most of them.

But, there are those things, back in the back, wedged in between, and at the bottom of the stack that I havent exactly worn as of late. Or, sadly, ever. Yes, I admit it. I have things that still have the tags on them. Bad. I know. But please don't judge me to harshly because I know that I am not alone here. I read enough blogs to know that many, many, many people have this same thing going on in their wardrobe cupboards!

So, when La Fille D'or offered up the idea of her wardrobe challenge I happily jumped on board. The idea pick 3 items you never wear and over the course of the next two weeks (March 10 through 24) create 4 outfits with each item. The goal is to have a total of 12 outfits. Easy enough in theory but let me tell you, tricky right out of the gate.


Here are my pieces.

Either this will be eye opening and I will enter spring (if it ever does arrive in Germany, doubtful at this point) with three new wardrobe staples, or I will be listing three lovely items on Wardrobe Swap Shop.

Either way, I am feeling just a little accomplished and that is a good thing.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010



After not seeing the ground for over two months, the most amazing thing has happened. The snow is GONE! Melted.

Well, at least off the grass. And surprisingly our grass is still green.

It makes me feel like there is hope that spring is just around the corner. Like floaty dresses and little sandals and painted toenails are just days away. That is, until I look at the extended forecast.

Snow. Predicted for this weekend.

Or walk outside. The sun might be peeking through the clouds and the grass may be showing in the yard, but it is only a balmy 34 degrees out there.

And that doesnt really feel very spring like.

But, maybe if we hope and cross our fingers....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of Changes

Well, my efforts to change and get better at posting have yet to show themselves.

And sadly, I dont see them showing up anytime in the near future. Life is running at full speed and doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are so many dramatic changes ahead of this family in the next few months that it is staggering.

The mere thought of it all makes you just sort of want to crawl in the bed, pull the covers up over your head and not come back out until it is all over and done with.

The most major of them all is that in a mere 5 months this little family will be transported to the smack dab middle of the United States. TO LIVE! A transatlantic move. And an unwelcome one at that. There are a million preparations that go into this all and I am finding myself very unmotivated to do any of them.

But alas, the movers are going to come whether or not I am ready and if I dont want all this mismash of things packed nilly willy then I am going to have to seriously get it together.

So, that is at least a brief peek at what is happening here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's COLD!!! And Snowing!!! So, I guess that means it really must be getting close to Christmas! lol

So much has been going on around here that it has been difficult to find time to do the simple thing, much less post a blog.

There was a Christmas play at church featuring all three boys. And Brennan had the lead! It was GREAT! And being so busy I have yet to download the pictures off the camera. Bad mommy. That was quickly followed up by the holiday band concert at the middle/high school last night. It was Colton's debut concert and he did TERRIFIC! He plays trumpet in the beginning band and Brennan plays Oboe in the intermediate band. They both did really well and again, pictures are still on the camera. BUT! Daddy did make it just in time for the concert AND we did capture some of it on video!! So, YEAH on both counts.

The boys get out of school for Christmas break on Friday and then the best part happens. ALEX ARRIVES ON THE 21st!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is so excited. It has been two long years since he has been able to be home. We cant wait.

So, between now and then, the guest room has to get cleaned up, Christmas goodies have to get made, presents have to get wrapped and find their way under the tree and I have to complete a HUGE photo shoot! WHEW!

Oh yeah, and let's not forget that along the way there are a couple of Christmas parties that have to be attended and a house that needs some attention and some hungry boys that are going to insist on being fed.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dober postranski ter vesel zahvaljevanje!

Or as we say in English, Goodbye and Happy Thanksgiving! Have no idea what language that is in up there? Well, most reading this blog probably wouldn't. It's Slovenian. Now, big question is, do you even know where that is on the map? lol

We are headed there for the Thanksgiving weekend. To the capital. Ljubljana. And we are very excited about it. We have actually driven through there several times on our way to and from Croatia but never had the opportunity to stop and see it and let me tell you it looks AMAZINGLY beautiful, so we decided it was finally time to do it. To make the trip and take the time to go and check it out. Can't wait.

The whole country is not even as big as the principality of Wales! So, I am pretty sure we should get to see most of it while we are there over the long weekend.

So, življati a velik konec tedna (have a great weekend)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny thing about wool tights

I love wool tights. They are the PERFECT thing to wear on cold days in Germany. They are fashionable. They are WARM (most important). And of course, they are readily available all over the place here. I love them. Except for the one small fact that they grow. Yes, GROW! As the day progresses wool tights get longer and longer. So, by the end of the day I have a pair of tights that I can reach from my toes to my head. Seriously. What is up with this? How do I prevent this? And most importantly, can I count constantly pulling up my tights as my daily work out routine??????